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Linux Consultants HOWTO Next Previous Contents

Linux Consultants HOWTO

Mr. Poet <>

v9.46, 12 September 1999

This document contains a listing of companies providing commercial Linux related support. If you want to find a Linux consultant or consulting firm in your area, this listing will probably be of help for you. It is maintained by Poet

This document is also completely indexed, databased and searchable at the LinuxPorts website. If you would like information on advertising on the Consultants database pages please contact us at

Note to the reader:

Please send comments to Mr. Poet

Mr. Poet

About this document

This is the Linux Consultants HOWTO. It is a listing of companies providing commercial Linux related support. If you contact any companies listed in this document, please mention the Linux Consultants HOWTO.

If you need to know more about the Linux Documentation Project or about Linux HOWTO's, feel free to contact the Coordinator Tim Bynum

Linux Consultants HOWTO can be found on the World Wide Web at New versions of the Linux Consultants HOWTO are always placed at this site first, so please be sure to check if the copy you are reading is still up to date!

This site also contains all information needed to submit to this howto or search this howto via a database.

Companies providing Linux support are invited to fill out the form at LinuxPorts Please note that we have temporarily stopped accepting 8-bit characters (German umlauts, etc).

Copyright Information

This HOWTO is Copyright © 1999 Mr. Poet and LinuxPorts

A verbatim copy may be reproduced or distributed in any electronic medium without permission of the author. Physical medium copies, reproductions or distributions for commercial use must have explicit permission of the author. Translations are similarly permitted without express permission if it includes a notice on who translated it.

Short quotes may be used without prior consent by the author. Derivative work and partial distributions of the Linux Consultants HOWTO must be accompanied with either a verbatim copy of this file or a pointer to the verbatim copy.

Commercial redistribution is allowed and encouraged; however, the author must be notified of any such distributions and all copyright information must be intact.

In short, we wish to promote dissemination of this information through as many channels as possible. However, we do wish to retain copyright on the HOWTO documents, and would like to be notified of any plans to redistribute the HOWTOs.

We further want that all information provided in the HOWTOs is disseminated. If you have questions, please contact Tim Bynum, the Linux HOWTO coordinator, at

1. Consultant Listings

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