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The Linux Serial HOWTO

revised by David S.Lawyer original by Greg Hankins

v1.12, July 1998

This document describes serial port features not covered by Text-Terminal-HOWTO or Serial-Programming-HOWTO. It covers mostly getty, multiport serial cards and modems.

1. Introduction

2. Supported Serial Hardware

3. What Are The Names Of The Serial Ports?

4. Interesting Programs You Should Know About

5. How Do I Dial Out With My Modem?

6. How Do I Dial In And Out With My Modem Using getty_ps

7. uugetty

8. How Do I Set Up A Terminal Connected To My PC?

9. Can I Use More Than Two Serial Devices?

10. How Do I Set Up My Serial Ports For Higher Speeds? What Speed Should I Use With My Modem?

11. Communications Programs And Utilities

12. Serial Tips And Miscellany

13. One Step Further...

14. Troubleshooting

15. Other Sources Of Information

16. Contributions

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