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8. FAQ

8.1 The Shell utilities return a bunch of stars (*) when I access a board I know is there. What gives?

Check to be sure the /dev/vme... files have their permissions set to 666. If not, the shell utilities will return a * in place of data to indicate an error condition similar to a VME bus error.

8.2 How does VMELinux handle interrupts?

Right now it doesn't. However, we are planning to get that part going soon. Please be patient.

8.3 I have RedHat 5.1 and can't get VMELinux programs to compile.

RedHat 5.1 includes a new compiler. If you manually edit the Makefile in each directory to call up the new egcs compiler, things should compile. We fully intend to support RedHat 5.1 installations, but for now I suggest using 5.0 or Slackware.

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