Common Uses for Computer Servers

DatacentreMost people outside of the IT industry do not understand what servers are used for. This even applies to most business owners; most never bother finding out about what a server is or what it does. That is, until their company suddenly needs to conduct a major migration or the like.

Here is a short guide on some of the common uses for computer servers:

What a Server Actually Does

First off, let’s look at what a server is. Yes, it is an important piece of computer equipment, but for a lot of people that’s the full extent of their knowledge.

A server doesn’t need to be a scary and mysterious piece of equipment nor does it need to be confusing. Its purpose is in fact very simple: it is a computer that connects to other computers in the “network”, providing much needed resources and services.

It’s that central computer to which all other computers connect to in order to access stored information and shared programs. What exactly it shares and stores is determined when you first set it up.

Types of Servers

There are database servers, print servers, web servers, mail servers, gaming servers, file servers, dedicated servers, shared servers and many more. Servers range widely in price, size and processing power according to the tasks they are designed to perform.

Servers at Home

If you have an old computer at home that you’re thinking of getting rid of, you should consider turning it into a home server. You could use this home server to store your music and videos so that they may be accessed all around the home on any computer on the network, or even as a media computer in your games room or living room.

You can also use a home server to send and receive email messages and store files that can be accessed throughout the home. You could even load your server security onto the server so that all of your computers are protected.

Servers at Work

If you’re running a business, severs will perform similar tasks but on a much larger scale. With a business you are likely dealing with large amounts of data that needs to be stored, so the server acts as a central secure storage location so that employees don’t need to back up their work every day.

Emails and other important information are stored on the server instead of on individual computers, which allows you to purchase equipment with smaller hard drives. Furthermore, it allows all employees to access the information through file sharing. As the business grows, each new computer that is purchased can be easily set up by accessing the information on the network server.

Servers are the unsung heroes of the workplace. Most people would be surprised to find out that servers perform such a wide range of critical tasks, from data storage to hosting websites. It is even more surprising to find out how useful a server can be to your small business, or even in your home. To fully utilise your service, seek the advice of an IT Consulting firm.

How to Speed Up the Performance of Your Xbox 360

xboxThe Xbox 360 is the ultimate in gaming devices. It was launched by Microsoft a few months ago, with additional features that outdo its predecessor. Apart from acquiring the opportunity to play games of a superior quality, it also lets one watch movies, play music, access the Internet, or even lose weight with their refined exercise routines.

However, one of its more exceptional features is the Xbox Live. Here, one can compete with other gamers online, so you needn’t have to play solo anymore.

As vast as its list of advantages are, the Xbox does have its share of glitches. One of its core problems is its tendency to slow down, over time. This leads to:

  • Abrupt disconnections
  • Inability to view certain features
  • Long loading durations
  • Gaming experience ruined due to slow transmissions
  • Long pauses between actions

If you are indeed experiencing one, or many of these problems, then the following solutions, may be of help.

Wired, over Wireless

As convenient as connecting to a ‘Wireless Network’ may be, in order to speed up the performance of your Xbox, a ‘Wired Network’ would be advisable. The strength of a ‘Wireless Network’ is greatly hampered by the distance between the router and device, and also from other electronic interferences. You could also try placing the router closer to your console. If it’s still slow, try turning off the router, and also your Xbox. Restart them after about 30 seconds.

Internet Service Providers (ISP)

As certain services have set limitations on one’s data usability they sometimes reduce the speed of the Internet when one crosses it. So, it would be advisable to first ensure that you haven’t exceeded yours. If you enjoy playing games online it’s worth investing in a higher data usage internet plan to avoid this happening.

Downloads in Progress

Always ensure that no other electronic device around has a download in progress, or is connected to a torrent software. As these actions require intensive bandwidth, it will automatically slow your Xbox down.

Manage Traffic

QoS is a feature on routers that allows one to customize their traffic priorities. So, simply by placing your Xbox higher up on the list you will be able to derive a faster connection, whilst slowing down alternate Internet activities on other devices.

The ‘Port Forwarding’ setting on a router, directs all the Xbox traffic that it receives directly to yours. This enables for the smoother functioning of your ‘Xbox Live’ activities.

Clear Your Hard Drive

By clearing out your hard drive of unused games, or ‘old, saved’ ones, one can instantly witness a change in performance.

Reduce Players

If you have a vast number of players in your Xbox Live games, it may hinder the speed of your game’s functionality. Simply by reducing the number of players who can join your game, one can hasten its performance.

Change in Time

If you’re experiencing a slow performance, try playing at a different time, as traffic strength varies in accordance. The higher the traffic, the slower the game.

By employing one, or any of these suggestions, one may notice a transformation in due time. Just remember, to keep performing them, time and again.

Happy Playing!