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This directory contains the Linux HOWTO documents. The HOWTO-INDEX provides an overview and index of the HOWTOs. Plain text versions of the HOWTOs are located in this directory. Linux-HOWTOs.tar.gz is a tar file of all the HOWTOs in plain text. - The other-formats directory contains many other formats of the HOWTOs: - DVI versions of the HOWTOs are located in other-formats/dvi. - HTML versions of the HOWTOs are located in other-formats/html. - PostScript versions of the HOWTOs are located in other-formats/ps. - SGML sources to the HOWTOs are located in other-formats/sgml. The mini directory contains mini-HOWTOs - shorter free-form HOWTOs on specific subjects. See COPYRIGHT for a description of the HOWTO copyright license. You can also browse the HOWTOs at the URL: Please contact Tim Bynum (the HOWTO coordinator) via email at <>, with any questions or comments.
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