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Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO Next Previous Contents

Multicast over TCP/IP HOWTO

Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche <>

v1.0, 20 March 1998

This HOWTO tries to cover most aspects related to multicast over TCP/IP networks. So, a lot of information within it is not Linux-specific (just in case you don't use GNU/Linux... yet). Multicast is currently an active area of research and, at the time of writing, many of the "standards" are merely drafts. Keep it in mind while reading the lines that follow.

1. Introduction.

2. Multicast Explained.

3. Kernel requirements and configuration.

4. The MBone.

5. Multicast applications.

6. Multicast programming.

7. The internals.

8. Routing Policies and Forwarding Techniques.

9. Multicast Transport Protocols.

10. References.

11. Copyright and Disclaimer.

12. Acknowledgements.

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